From October 2014 AGROESTUDIO is investing in research, development and innovation (RDI) to improving the competitiveness of the enterprise, obtaining new business opportunities and achieving a high level of development. In this sense AGROESTUDIO elaborates proposals for the 2nd Fed4Fire Competitive Call Innovative Experiments by SMEs and the 1st FINODEX Open Call for Proposals, reaching the presence in each of them.


Fed4Fire Competitive Call Innovative Experiments by SMEs

Closed in the 30th of October 2014 the proposal AGROFIRE was one of the 4 european projects selected Europe to develop his experiment with Fed4Fire. The Fed4FIRE project is issuing this series of open and competitive calls for experiments with a degree of industrial and/or scientific innovation, relevance for the F

ed4FIRE (Fed

eration for Future Internet Research and Experimentation) and an appropriate scale of complexity. Independent evaluations of the submitted

proposals will be performed, in order to select experiments which will be executed within the project. It is required that the experiments are performed by a single organization.

FINODEX 1st open call

Opened in October 2014 and closed the 19th of December, the AGROGEO of AGROESTUDIO project was one of 49 proposals chosen from the submitted 196 across Europe to continue in the Phase 2 for the 1st Open Call.

In March 2015 Finodex (, the innovative European accelerator which supports open data and FIWARE based startups, reached its second step, the so-called DESIGN phase. 49 startups which passed the evaluation and selection process. To sum up, in the previous phase, startups which exploited open data by means of the cloud-based platform FIWARE, applied for the call. Afterwards, the selected ones will proceed with the DESIGN, the DEVELOPMENT and the TUNING phases. At this stage the 49 startups and SMEs will face the DESIGN phase consisting in further improvements of startups’ ideas and one to one coaching sessions in business and technical areas. The startups and SMEs will need to produce a design document for their product or service following a business model canvas tool. It is a strategic management and lean startup made of a visual chart with elements describing a firm’s or product’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances, which assists firms in aligning their activities by illustrating potential trade-offs.

The FIWARE Accelerator Programme (part of the EU Future Internet-Public Private Partnership FI-PPP) offers €80 million euros of direct funding, mentoring, networking and other acceleration services through 16 Future Internet Accelerator projects to promote the use and adoption of FIWARE technologies and to help entrepreneurs create innovative Internet applications.

Finodex(Future INternet Open Data EXpansion), one of the 16 accelerators, is co-funded by the European Union to support SMEs and Web Entrepreneurs to develop products, services building upon FIWARE technologies and using Open Data.

Finodex will focus on the most promising sectors that could benefit from the combination of FI-PPP technologies with open data: health, transport, environment and finance. Leaving room for any proposal including and open topic called the bottom-up approach.

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